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Fundraising Campaign




We received word a couple of months ago that the manufacturer of the Zork closures we have been using on every bottle of Melovino since day one, will be increasing their price by 60-percent. Then a few weeks later, things went from bad to worse with the news that the manufacturer will now be shutting down production of Zork closures all together at the end of May 2017...

This puts us, and others, in a very difficult position. It forces us to not only need to QUICKLY make a switch over to a new closure option, but will also require a significant expenditure in order to do so. An expense that we did not foresee, especially since we have been saving up to afford moving our entire operation to a new facility this Fall.

It might not sound like such a big deal to switch over to a new closure, but it is indeed. All of the money we invested into our bottling line included a customized closure system specifically designed to apply Zork closures, and nothing else. That closure system will now be rendered useless.


Our plan is to transition over to using CORKS. At least we know those aren't going anywhere. This switch over to corks will be happening immediately, albeit, in the meantime, our "large staff" of two will be manually corking every bottle by hand. That's over 12,000 bottles until the estimated delivery date for the automated corker we will ultimately need to come in for us to keep up with production. I am not even sure how we will be able to keep up until then.

That's where the fundraiser we have put together comes into play. We need some help paying for the corker. So we have put together some great deals and rewards that will hopefully be inticing enough for you all to lend a helping hand.


The one small piece of good news in all of this is, we see this as being a great opportunity to introduce our new logo/branding onto our bottles with all new packaging as well. With the new closure will also come new bottles and labels.

It has been almost three years since we've opened our doors for business and started this journey, all along the way slowly finding our true identity as a business. We sometimes wondered who we really are. Are we a winery, more like a craft brewery, or what? Well, the new branding and packaging we have put together, I believe, does a terrific job in representing who we have grown up to be, a craft meadery. We can't wait for you all to see the new look of MV in a few weeks.


With that said, the link below will take you our page of the rewards we have put together to help us raise the money we need to keep us moving in the right direction. Every little bit counts, especially in this particular circumstance where time is of the essence.



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