What is Draft Mead?

The perfect casual everyday mead option


For those who love mead but just can’t justify drinking your regular 12-14% abv meads all the time, draft meads provide just what you need, and sometimes even more. There is a good reason why they have become all the rage here at Melovino, as well as throughout the country.


The lighter alcohol content (usually around 4-6% abv) allows you to enjoy a few servings at a time. Mead pints are now a thing! The slight carbonation is reminiscent of a great beer or hard cider, and the possibility of flavor combinations can be even more abundant than your higher abv meads.


Easy drinking, lower price points and super simple for anyone already familiar with beer or hard cider to grasp what a draft mead is all about. There’s nothing serious about it. We like to have fun with crafting new draft mead recipes all of the time here, like we’re home brewers all over again. We just dropped the malt for honey 😉


Draft mead goes in cans, in bottles, and of course, on draft! We pour quite a bit of draft mead at the Mead Bar with a new tap list every single week and we package any of our draft meads in cans to order right off the tap for our customers to take home. Melovino now also offers draft mead in bottles which are even available for shipping!


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